What we do...

Our 50 minute sessions are designed in consultation with an Early Years specialist reading teacher who has over 35 years' experience in the classroom.

Each week we focus on two carefully chosen books. The stories are selected to have lots of interactive potential, be age-appropriate, and of course be exciting to read aloud!

First the children meet Little Owl and try to guess what our books might be about with some visual clues. After the first story children are up on their feet to take part in fun games featuring our letter of the week. We use a phonics system that's physically active to help the learning process.

Then it’s time to get creative on our art table. Little hands can enjoy sticking, drawing and craft activities all inspired by our book.

Lastly we head back to the carpet for our second story and a re-cap of the letter of the week.

All Little Owl members get a membership card to keep plus a new stamp or sticker at each session.