Our Story

Founder and Owner: Little Owl Book Club was created by Zoe Bloomfield - a mum with a love of children's books and a desire to help youngsters learn in a stimulating way. She has three children aged between 7 and 14.

Zoe - zoe@littleowlbookclub.com - worked as a senior journalist in TV News production for many years. Before this she enjoyed working with young children as a nanny in Europe, teaching English in Africa, and working at her mother's nursery school.

"With Little Owl Book Club I've tried to create the pre-school class I couldn't find for my children! I'm a book-lover and always wondered why pre-school book clubs didn't exist. I wanted a session with books as the focus, some letter learning for an early start to reading, and art and games incorporated to ramp up the fun. Books are often featured in playgroups but with Little Owl they're front and centre. I think fostering a love of books is one of the most important things a parent can do for their kids' life-long learning."    

Educational Specialist: Kathleen Neal is an Early Years phonics specialist teacher with over 35 years in the classroom. She has taught reading recovery for the last 10 years:

"Little Owl is an opportunity for children to hear familiar and new books at an early stage in their life and develop confidence. Reading a book several times gives children a chance to notice new things and become familiar with high-frequency words and eventually start to blend and segment phonemes themselves. Gradually they develop good phonic knowledge and learn to enjoy independent reading."

Creative Consultant: Caroline McCarthy is a writer and editor with a background in book publishing. At Dorling Kindersley she helped to create and promote a range of much-loved children's non fiction books. She later worked with children's and adult fiction authors at The Literary Consultancy:

"I believe that helping instil a love of reading is one of the most important things you can do for your child. When my three kids were younger there were no pre-school classes that explored books at their most inspirational - which is why Little Owl Book Club is so brilliant."